Monday, May 24, 2010

Field of Friendship

"Lets Go Mets!" "Lets Go Mets!"  My son and his friend practice their chants before the big baseball game.  Here we are, two kids and two dads dressed in Mets t-shirts and hats heading out to Queens for an evening game. The back seat is in a state of constant banter, while Dad 1 (me) and Dad 2 get acquainted. The kids see each other everyday in school but the dads are newer to the dynamic. We cover all the criteria of the getting-to-know-you conversation, involving sports, work, and kids as we enter the confusing parking maze and locate a strategic spot for easy exiting. We make our way toward the stadium.

Picking up the tickets and getting the routine pat-down at the entrance go on without a hitch and before we know it we are standing inside the stadium, glaring out at the glistening bright green field. All around, neon laser lights reach the sky from sponsorship signage of beer and snacks. Arriving early to the stadium resulted in a relaxing concession experience, and the kids to watch some fan fest activities. The Dads are engaged and having a few laughs living through their kid's electrified behavior and amazed young eyes. After posing for a few photos, we make our way to our seats.

The game is cooperating with the home crowd, taking an early lead. The kids cannot stop singing, laughing and hugging on every run scored and strike out in favor of their home town heroes. The dads are into the game also, recalling childhood memories and players long gone. As another home run flies out of the park, high fives are thrown all around the fans in our area. With a comfortable lead, and it being a school night, the Dads calculate when is the best time to make our exit. With the last out recorded in the bottom of the seventh, we extract our bleary eyed kids, trek up the steps to the concourse and out into the parking area.

We find the car easily, jump in and set the radio to hear the end of the game. After some heart stopping situations and a couple of runs to make it close, the Mets secure the win.

Parents always speak to their kids about making friends and cherishing experiences that last a lifetime, and likewise its never too late for parents to make new friends and gather new experiences. The kids had a fantastic time and will reminisce about it for days, weeks and hopefully for years. I think the dads will remember as well.


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