Friday, May 14, 2010

The Music They Played

Last evening was the fourth grade concert, in which my son is part of the band and chorus. Seeing all of the kids clean and dressed in shirts, ties and dresses was a joy for the parents. My son has been in the school since the second grade and seeing how the kids have grown in the past three years is a remarkable sight. The school goes through grade twelve so watching the whole fourth grade class stand together during chorus felt like peeking into the future and imagining this class of 2018 standing together during graduation. It's enough to make your heart skip a beat.

As much as the parents were basking in pride, the kids were outright ecstatic. This is their first year learning instruments and have been practicing for this day since September. Their hard work did not go unnoticed as the orchestra, band, and the chorus seemed to be pitch perfect. Kudos to all the teachers and instructors for taking one hundred and thirty novice individuals and constructing a cohesive unit.

After the concert, there was a short reception, mounds of brownies, cookies and punch. The kids, nerves hyped from performing swarmed over the desserts like locust. Flashes flickered all around as parents gathered kids together quickly like paparazzi working the red carpet. Soon the children hit the front lawn for games of tag and other celebrations. Parents stood around gabbing about the concert and watched the kids proceed to dirty up their wears. 
A very memorable evening....


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