Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Kids talking on the phone is always a funny thing. They forget to say their name, talk into the receiver and usually just end the call without saying goodbye. My son called a friend to ask him if he wanted to go to a baseball game with him. When he was finished I asked him to hang up the phone. He looked at me funny and said "Hang it up where?" I realized he had no idea what I meant. To "hang up" the phone nowadays is just pressing the "off" button. 

I started thinking about other phrases I say that really have no meaning now:

Old: Taping a TV show
New: Recording a show

Old: Look it up
New: Google it

Old: Hang up the phone
New: Turn it off

Old: mix tape
New: Playlist

Old: Buying a record
New: Download songs

Old: Developing film
New: Uploading to Flickr

I am old enough to remember the scratchy albums, computer punch cards, fighting over the TV tuner knob, chalk in school, and half hour news programs. 

I wonder what silly phrases my son will say to make his kids give him freakish looks.


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