Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Make a Long Story Short...

This week is the last week of all after school classes and championship weekend for the sports. School is heading into the home stretch, and those camp form checks should be signed and mailed.  As for my son, he has been wearing shorts since March. My son enjoys wearing shorts. He has cargo shorts, khaki shorts, and plaid shorts. His favorite, without a doubt, are sport shorts. He loves shorts, will live in warm climate when older, and if he can get his way, will wear shorts to his wedding. We have this deal that if the temperature is above 55 degrees when he is getting dressed, he can wear shorts. My rationale with this deal meant if it's a warm sunny day, he is allowed to break out  the shorts. My son's rationale is quite different. He will push his reasoning hard to get the OK from my wife or myself. Excuses range from "I have gym today" to "I don't want to get my pants dirty during recess". He is that kind of person who is hardly ever cold. When he was a toddler he disliked coats. There were times in the middle of winter where we would get dirty looks from parents because while all the kids are in puffer coast, mittens and big wool hats, our son would be running around in a sweatshirt and sneakers, and no gloves or hat. We must have look like terrible parents! His cheeks and hands would be red and cold but he did not mind, he does not like to be bundled up. 

The warm weather has finally arrived, after a long winter, and my son has been ready for weeks. He is sleeping now, on top of the covers with the air conditioner set to high, and of course in shorts.


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