Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pride, in the name of

My son has an anxious smile on his face. He is waiting for a name to be called to the podium to accept a prestigious honor. He holds his breath as each name is called, waiting for the one he knows. When he hears the name his eyes open wide, his face turns a little red, a sense of pride washes over him as he watches his mother accept her entry into the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society.  

Proud moments are usually reserved for parents of their children. Tonight I saw a reversal of fortune. My son was truly proud of his mother and he deserved to be. He witnessed first hand the reward of hard work and commitment. Hopefully this night will remain in his consciousnesses and meld into his work ethic. If a picture is worth a thousand words, witnessing real achievement can sprout long lasting motivation.

After the ceremony, my son turns to his mother "What kind of grades do you need to get that honor?" "All A's" his mother says. "Maybe I can do that too..." my son responds. His mother tussles his hair and replies "You can." 

Motivation set to on...


ann marie aguilar said...

Steve, this is a great site.....I know I am not a dad but that was a really beautiful comment about the imppact Dara's achievement can make on her family.....thanx for writing about such important "dad" emotions...
miss you guys,
ann marie

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