Monday, May 3, 2010

Havng the talk

I watch my son play in his room and try to figure how to start.. It's never easy to have the conversation with a boy. You want him to understand the full picture, about not to hurt anyone or himself. After all he is older now, and in today's world better to hear it from me than have his friends laugh at him. Questions like, how do they do it, or does it hurt, are bound to come up. We will talk about the pressure involved and the commitment it takes to be good. He will ask about the bickering, and I will say it's just role playing. He will ask about the signature moves and I will talk about how two people can make it look effortless. The moans, the screams and the yelling will all make sense after the conversation. I will have no answers for the midgets, the face painting or how the referees miss all the calls. He has reached the age where he needs to know, just like I had to take down Elmo and the Tooth Fairy long ago.

I am now ready, I just have to say it. "Son, wrestling is not real."


Drew Gilbert said...

WRESTLING'S NOT REAL? Oh man, now I am so steamed at my dad. The charade went on for too long! I was sure the People's Elbow was devastating!

Drew Gilbert said...
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