Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project A Grade

The bit of glue is placed on the Tic-Tacs representing the magic stones. My son places the last stone on the edge of the popsicle stick rope bridge just as it reaches the cardboard mountainside. He smiles, knowing that the diorama depicting his lasted book report is finished, four days ahead of schedule. I smile back, thinking to myself, this is my best work yet. 

Yes, I admit, I help my son with his school projects. I help him conceptualize the idea he wants to present to class. In other words, I guide him through the planning process until he comes up with an idea I think is optimal. He still has to read the book, formulate his ideas about the book, write the summary section and present it in front of the class. All I do is manage the project, cut out a few things and hold down items to be taped or glued. I say no when things go off track and yes when it's on the right path, like a good project manager should. Helping with homework is every patent's duty to their kids.

This month's book project is complete and my son should be proud of his work. For next month's assignment my son picked a biography on John F. Kennedy, I wonder if I can learn how to sculpt in thirty days...


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