Saturday, May 29, 2010

Manhood, sponsored by Nike

"It's this way Dad." my son pulls my arm through the maze of stores. Outlet shopping is an oasis of apparel stores and specialty shops offering deals and bargains. My son has only one destination above all others, The Nike Factory Store. We cross over from blazing heat to cold air as we enter the store. My son wells up in excitement while strolling through the racks of sport shirts and shorts. We make our way towards the back, where all the shoes are. He finds the kids section and scan the styles, I try to figure out what is more important, performance or color schemes. We are on the hunt for tennis and casuals. We tackle tennis first and pick out a few options. Kids size seven are hard to find in the right style and notice while trying on, even harder to fit. I look at my son and smirk a little, he has made the jump, the jump from kids shoes to mens shoes! I tell him to grab his sneakers and walk with me. We pass the aisles marked "Kids" and "Women" and plant ourselves in the "Mens" section. I look up and down the piles of boxes and pull out men's size seven and hand them to my son. We find a bench and pull the shiny white tennis shoes out of the box. I untie the lases, pull out the tissue paper sock and slip them on, perfect fit. My son's golden ticket, more colors, more styles, more options to choose from. In my eyes, he is my little boy, to Nike, is has become a man. I wonder if Nike will sponsor his Bar Mitzvah?


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