Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baddest Bad Ass

There has been every representation of man depicted in film. From the desperate family man in It's a Wonderful Life to the psycho drug dealer in Scarface. One of my favorite character archetypes on film is the Bad-Ass Dad. This character is the man on a mission, the man taking revenge, the man who's got balls of steel. He is not usually the most responsible of fathers, by description he is a bad-ass, not a 9 to 5 office worker. Conventional jobs are not for him. The incredible tally of bodies in his closet, and lying in the kitchen, and in the driveway makes him a perfect candidate for a Bad-Ass.

With the popularity of Kick Ass- Here are my Top 5 Bad-Ass Dads:

Number 5: Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson)-  
Death Wish
The story of a man taking crime into his own hands after the killing of his wife and the rape of his daughter. Paul does not start out as a bad-ass but quickly transforms into one of the most daring no-nonsense vigilantes depicted on film. The era in which the film takes place, the deterioration of society, and the rise in crime, set the tone for this gritty man against the world film.  

Number 4: Bryan Mills (Liam Neesen)  
Bryan Mills is a man who was not around much to see his little girl grow up. He was too busy being a super spy. His daughter is now of college age and is about to embark on a vacation in Europe. That does not sit well with Mr. Spy, who sees the bad in everything, and rightly so. As soon as his daughter steps off the plane she is kidnapped, which sets off a wave of death and destruction only a bad-ass can create. There is no one Mills will not interrogate, torture, or kill to find his girl. Does he succeed, is there any doubt?

Number 3: Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) 
Big Daddy is new to the genre but make no mistake, he is super bad-ass. Anyone who trains is daughter to be a foul mouth, psychotic assassin to revenge the death of his wife (and her mother) is immediately on the list. She is schooled to kill in any creative way possible, like any 12 year old girl with an imagination would. Big Daddy himself is a killing machine in his own right, as he strives to be a role model for annihilation.
Number 2 (tie) Don Vito and Michael Corleone (Marlon Brando, Al Pacino)  
The Godfather I and II
This father and son duo of bad-ass crime ruled with a baby in one hand and a Tommy Gun in the other. Who else but these two have the power and the balls to control society's vices without lifting a finger to do so. They were so bad-ass, they got other people to weld their wrath against all those who betray them.

Number 1 Darth Vader (Darth Vader)  
Star Wars I-IV
Nobody in the universe is as bad-ass as Darth Vader. He can choke you from across the room, and if you get in his way, will blow up your planet. He cut off his own son's arm and kidnapped and sold his daughter to Jabba the Hut. You simply do not mess with this man, or you will feel the power of the Dark Side.

Honorable mentions:
Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) 24- Though not a movie- nobody tells Jack what media he can unleash his ability to destroy anything in his path for justice.

The Bride (Uma Thurman) Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2- Any man want to mess with this mother of an unborn child seeking revenge with a Hattori Hanzo sword? Not this dad.

Post a comment to list your favorites. Don't worry, nobody will take revenge against you...


Unknown said...

I vote for John Mcclain in Die Hard- Yipee Kai Yeah!

Unknown said...

Arnold Schwarzenegger- Commando John Matrix- Ex Commando saving his kidnapped daughter.

JerryD NYC said...

I thought the scene from Parenthood last week was pretty cool. The one where Craig T Nelson gives the grand daughter's boyfriend $20 bucks to fill the tank and hit the road before he gave a beatdown.

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