Thursday, April 8, 2010

Learning is Doing

The small glossy red canister lay in the middle of the room, waiting to go to work. The four foot long metal cylinder is slid into the plastic accordion tube, click. Next is the head, slender or motorized? Choose wisely for the right one will glide smoother, resistance when using the wrong one. Now it's primed for power. Slowly uncoil the round black cord, take the plug and insert it in the outlet. You are ready to tackle this chore. Take hold of the metal cylinder right at the point it begins to curve downward. Take your foot and gingerly press down on the On button located on the back of the canister. Click, varooom! push forward, then pull backward across the floor. Repeat until the entire floor has had a once-over. 

That is how to master the vacuum cleaner. Easier than using the TV remote, game controller or computer mouse. Equivalent skill set to the tooth brush, the light saber, and the punch to the gut (which seems to get the most practice).

You are finished? great. Let me now show you the art of garbage collection...


Unknown said...

Nice- what about the dusting? or mopping?

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