Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspiration Point

"I wanna be a ____ when I grow up." I hear those words coming out of my son's mouth from time to time. Every person has said those words as a child. I think about the inspiration behind the statement. Is it an athlete he sees on TV, or reads about? Is it the President of United States, or musician rockin' out on his guitar? There can be an infinite amount of inspiration for a boy at ten, just waiting for one to take hold and spark into an explosion. Does he have a sleeping talent lurking? Kids gravitate to what their parents do. Professions like teaching, medicine or law are worthy of inspiration, what about office manager, or salesman? What I try to show my son is craftsmanship. Being accomplished at your craft transcends talent or profession. Dedication and devotion are the real tools for achievement.  Taking pride in your work, whether you are performing in front of an audience or teaching first graders, is what is inspiring. Talent is not a guarantee of success and a honorable profession is not a guarantee for reward, but craftsmanship can elevate you, and inspire others.

"I wanna be a ______ when I grow up." my sons says. What he does with that is truly the inspiring part.


JerryD NYC said...

I'm almost 50 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

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