Saturday, April 10, 2010


Conversation 1-
Dad: How was your day at school today?
Son: Good.
Dad: Did you finish all of your homework?
Son: Uh huh.
Dad: Everything else good?
Son: Uh huh.
Dad: Do you have questions about your homework?
Son: Nu uh.
Dad: ?

Conversation 2-
Dad: How was your afternoon at your friend's house?
Son: Good
Dad: Did you have lunch there?
Son: Uh huh.
Dad: Next time do want your friend to come over?
Son: Uh huh.
Dad: Any other details about your afternoon?
Son: Nu huh.
Dad: ?

Conversation 3-
Dad: How was the birthday party?
Son: Good
Dad: Were there a lot of games to play?
Son: Uh huh.
Dad: Did all of your friends go?
Son: Uh huh.
Dad: Is there anything else that occured at the party?
Son: Nu uh
Dad: ?

Self: I need to ask a more engaging question, and maybe purchase a child-parent dictionary.


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