Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fools in April

Laughing was the order of the day today. My son and my nephew spent the day hysterical. It is truly the greatest thing in the entire world to watch kids laughing so much they can't stop. Their faces turn red and their eyes tear. They can't keep their balance and usually fall to the floor. Today the kids were laughing so hard, strangers started laughing too.

At lunch they swapped Family Guy stories. At the golf range they did their best Happy Gilmore imitation. While changing their clothes, they mooned the pool guy. At the arcade we went to this afternoon, the kids were playing a racing game. Their goal was not to win but to crash into as many cars as possible.
In the parking lot on our way to the car, my son did a bit right out of The Three Stooges. He was walking and talking to his cousin when all of a sudden, Wham!, right into the side view mirror of a van. Laughter continued through dinner, the scrabble game (coinciding with a farting contest) and up until they were asleep. They even attempted a few April Fools pranks. In each occurrence, extreme laughter was the result.

Simply a very funny day.


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