Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have You Cleaned Your Car Lately?

Here is another contribution by JerryD 1G:

Have You Cleaned Your Car Lately?                                         
I want to know who trashed my car?  I know it wasn’t me, my wife and daughter say it wasn’t them, so who's the culprit?  Being the good detective dad that I am, I began by looking through the trash for clues.  I found pens, pencils and crayons.  Now I know why there are never any in my desk, I must have put them all in the car.  There was an almost full deck of cards (41), stuffed animals, a Barbie doll, women’s shoes, a winter coat, 3 very little gloves, a Sponge Bob note book, Lego, beads, Teen Beat magazines, muddy sneakers, one flip flop, candy wrappers, an empty McDonalds bag, 6 or 7 “Wimpy Kid” books, a Vanity Fair, lip balm, fuzzy elastics, lollipops (some half eaten), ribbon, string, dog toys, dog treats, a bird house kit,  and enough sand to start my own beach. Oh and a Frisbee.
When I mentioned the Frisbee to my kid her very quick response was “That Frisbee is yours dad, I guess it was you who messed up the car.”

JerryD 1G


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