Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dinner Fail

My wife and I scheduled a dinner date tonight. Our son had an event at the temple and would not be home for dinner. Alone time that is during waking hours is rare, so to have dinner alone at a restaurant was an opportunity not to pass up. I left work with ample time to catch the 5:34pm train and would arrive at home by 6:05pm. As the train pulled out of the station I looked forward for some sushi and adult time until I need to pick up my son at 7:30. In the middle of the tunnel, the train came to an abrupt stop. We sat there for about three minutes while the train workers mumble to themselves about our sudden stoppage. The train begins to roll again and we are back on schedule. We hit sunlight as we speed out of the tunnel when the train stutters to a stop again. The passengers look around at each other, and I sink in my chair. "Ladies and gentleman, sorry for the delay, it seems we have a problem with the train's brake system, we will need to go slowly to the next stop, when are arrive, everyone will have to change to a different train." Forty-five minutes later, at the break-neck speed of four miles per hour, we reach the next stop. I walk in the door, My wife and I eat some cheese and crackers in the kitchen, then I leave to pick up my son. Dinner date scrapped...


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