Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When did she grow up

JerryD Posts a story proving that one size does not fit all....
When did she grow up… 
It’s not often that I take on the duty of purchasing clothes for my 10 year old daughter.  It’s usually her mom who takes her out shopping because “Dad says no” too much.  She’s right, dad does say no because he might not like the style, the size, the color or the price.  Mom, on the other hand only has to agree with size and style.
It was with great apprehension that I venture into Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase a batting glove for my girl.  They had all kinds of sizes, styles and colors.  I looked at the little girls gloves first and I knew she didn’t want anything pink, so I wander to over the little boy’s gloves.  Now, did she wear a Tee Ball size medium or large or maybe a Little League size small or medium? I couldn’t tell. I picked up the gloves and started to compare sizes.  I closed my eyes and pictured my hand wrapped around her little hand as we crossed the street. There were a few other little kids running around in the store about her size but I knew it would be inappropriate for me to start asking them to show me their hand.  After about 15 minutes I made a decision and purchased the boys Tee-Ball large.  I felt good about my decision and on the way to the checkout line I grabbed a 6 pack of white athletic socks for her as well. Upon arriving home I took out the glove and said “I’ve got a surprise!” and presented her with her new batting glove.  First she smiled and then sort of laughed,  my wife turned gave out a little snicker.  The glove was minuscule.  In fact, she couldn’t even get her hand halfway in it was so small.  When did that little hand get so big? Was I away? Had it been so long since I held her hand?  I was so surprised. Good thing I saved the receipt.  Then I said “Oh yea, I almost forgot, here are some socks for you” and I tossed them to her.  She looked at them, laughed and tossed them back.  They were half the size of her feet.
Who knew?

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