Monday, April 5, 2010

UPFC-Not for the weak

The battle has stalled. The wall pictures tilted, the bed spread is bundled into a ball. The bright red sun is setting through the corner window, dust particles flicker in the air like snow flakes. Assorted pieces of Lego and other toys are scattered across the floor. The room has slowly settled down.

Across the floor lay the bodies. Legs and arms jumble together. Mumbling sounds turn to giggles, then all out laughter. One figure rises to his knees, then steadies to a stand. Calmly he raises both hands above his head. The pillow flops back, ready to barrel down and compress on impact. The hands spring forward and the pillow flies like it broke free from a trebucket. 

The other one on the floor does not react quick, and pays the price for tardiness. Before the hands could move, the speeding pillow lands in a thud against the stomach. An oomph sound escapes out while the body buckles into a ball, followed by a moan, then sounds of defeat. "I won!" roars the winner.

The defeated one looks at his watch, then points to it. "Auugh" sighs the winner, hands coming down, slapping against his hips. "Its time to get ready for bed.". "Ok, Dad...". I get up off the floor, my son gets ready for a shower. 

Strategies will be adjusted, pillows need to be bigger. The Ultimate Pillow Fighting Championship will continue...


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