Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday in the Park

Today my wife, son and I went for a nice walk. Well my wife and I walked, my son used a scooter. We walked to the next town, then back through the park. We took a short rest and had a little lunch, then continued along the path with a beautiful stream running along side. We watch the geese and the ducks dive into the water head first, also looking to eat lunch. Some come up with food, others with beak empty, but anxious for another attempt. There are a lot of people walking their dogs, which sparks a conversation about our indecisiveness upon getting a dog. We absolutely all want one but vacillate with our commitment to have one.  I do not know why we can't pull the trigger, if we swayed this much in other aspects of our lives we would never get out of bed. We are married and we have one child, how much more can it infringe on our freedom? As we walk, we do have a breakthrough in our discussion.  We agree the dog would be one of two breeds.  Progress...


Unknown said...

I say get the dog!

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