Friday, April 30, 2010

Playing for Life

JerryD- discusses his take on sports: 

Life Sports 
I don’t think I made up the term “life sports” but I do agree with the concept wholeheartedly. What is a life sport and what makes it different from other sports? Well a life sport is a sport you can grow with and play your whole life. Golf is a life sport. You’re never too old to play a round of golf. I didn’t learn how to play until I was well into my 20’s, and even though I am pretty bad at it, I can always go out and play. Skiing is another life sport, it’s one of those activities you can do pretty much all of your life. Did I mention I don’t ski? I didn’t have the opportunity when I was younger and now I am just plain scared. Another good life sport is tennis. How many times do you see an older couple out playing tennis? It might not be very competitive, but a good game of tennis on a nice afternoon, the perfect life sport. 

As dads we tend to focus on those sports that appeal to us. My dad made sure I knew how to play football and I was pretty good at it, a long time ago. I also played baseball, and was a very good spring board diver. I promise, the last thing you want to see is me in a little Speedo doing a one and one half somersault off a diving board. As the father of a little girl, I realized the importance of life sports. Football became soccer, baseball became softball and springboard diving is evolving into golf, sailing, or even volleyball.

My favorite life sport…Frisbee. And I can still toss it as well as I ever did.
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