Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colonial Crate and Barrel

Today we went on a tour of Rockingham House, the home of George Washington during the final days of the  Revolutionary War. We walked from room to room, going back in time to colonial living. Living in that time seemed extremely harsh; running water, sufficient heat, refrigeration, not available. I was thinking while walking through this run down, crooked, rickety old place, what the colonists would think about the expectations in a home today. I am sure right off the bat, electricity would be a plus. What would they think of a dish washer?  My son wandered through the home, asking interesting questions, and a bit taken back by the living conditions. Colonial Times were certainly rough, 250 years from now, what would the future population think of us? After leaving the historic site, we all needed a fix, and drove over to Crate and Barrel. Nothing beats the daze of colonial living like a non-stick brownie pan and a hot chocolate maker.

Rockingham House


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